by Islamic Burial at Sea

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Islamic Burial at Sea demonstration


released October 28, 2016



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Islamic Burial at Sea

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Track Name: Lurkers
Miss me with that bruh
I'm just saying you're talking past me
you're talking right at me
yo that's too close
that's too close for me bro

You're getting way too loud
I'm not a clown in your circus
oh for a day away from the lurkers
and those that would hurt us
could it get more absurd tho?

we'll spin around and around
you've got to stop making circles
tell me my friend, what is the purpose
how do we go on when you haven't even heard us?
Track Name: Muslim Hellfire Club
You know why I feel this way
yes, you know why
I feel this way, yes you know why
you say that you know
but do you know now?
do you know now?

true you say
that you know,
but do you know now, did you learn your lesson?

Wake me up when it's over
y'all i'm out
put the hatchet in the ground

yes you know why I feel this way

Blow the flame out pour the salt out and say the word
one shade the more one flame the less... yessss oooo
one shade the more one light the less... yesss
and the shadows if you touch them.... when the mist will wrap around us..
say the words.
Track Name: DJ Inn (they come & go)
you are the lightning in my mind
you've always been by my side
long ago I was a child
I thought I was alone but that's half right....

they come & go from place to place
without smoke, without a trace

I say the prayers that I've been taught
o fuck you satan fuck right off
I smell the sulphur yet I don't see how
I hope that I survive somehow...